The oasis between paradise & the underground

TRQPiTECA is a Chicago-based artist duo and production company founded by DJs, artists, and producers Natalie Murillo (La Spacer) & Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero (Cqqchifruit) in 2015. TRQPITECA presents unique and inclusive cultural experiences that celebrate diverse communities through art and dance music. Over the 8 years of TRQPITECA’s existence, they have worked with over 300 performance artists, visual artists, designers, DJs, and musicians from Chicago and around the world, promoting underground art and dance music as powerful forms of activism with the power to unite individuals across generations, cultural backgrounds, and identities.

TRQPITECA celebrates Chicago’s cultural legacy as the birthplace of house music, a musical genre and cultural phenomenon created by the intersection of Chicago’s black, brown, and LGBTQIA+ communities. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to experiment, connect, and thrive through the production and experience of art and dance music, and to create spaces that celebrate our existence by promoting individuality, self-determination, and self-expression through art and dance music culture. 

TRQPITECA are 2023 Guest Residents at Smartbar Chicago.


Natalie Murillo
aka La Spacer

La Spacer (Natalie Murillo) is a non-binary Mexican-American underground dance music nerd. They were raised in the birthplace of house music, Chicago, since the beginning of the 90s. Since 2006, La Spacer has been a self-taught DJ, producer, and performer. As a producer, they are a creator of hypnotic dance rhythms, as well as performance soundscapes rooted in techno and house music. As a DJ, they become a storyteller by fusing sounds from the nostalgic past with contemporary beats, using acid melodies and high energy rhythms to activate the dance floor, captivating new club goers as well as seasoned ones. La Spacer is a part of a generation of LGBTQIA+ artists that will continue to push barriers and create space for artists that support and influence the global underground dance movement.

Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero

CQQCHIFRUIT (Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, she/they) is a multidisciplinary artist of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, originally from Miami, FL. Cqqchi’s love and obsession with dance music began at an early age when she heard Miami bass, freestyle, trance, drum and bass, and other types of dance music broadcasted on Miami’s radio stations, some coming live from night clubs across South Florida. They got their start as a DJ in 2013 playing with the Chances Dances collective in Chicago, along with their first exposures to house music and underground queer culture. Since then, they’ve performed in nightclubs, art galleries, museums, and festivals across Chicago, nationally, and internationally. Their approach to DJing comes from their love of dancing, and their sound incorporates elements from her Miami roots, Chicago/Midwest residence, and global interest, with an emphasis on tribal and vocal house, hypnotic trance, and banging bass. Jacqui is also an accomplished visual and performance artist, often adding visual and vocal flare to their DJ sets.