Mana Professional: Miami Residency 2018
In partnership with the Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation & the ESKFF Print @ Mana Award

Mana Contemporary Chicago in partnership with ESKFF announces a new program available only to artists at Mana Chicago. The program is anchored by a three-week residency at Mana Miami and provides artists with access to a private studio and housing, professional development training (Mana Professional), arranged studio visits, special field trips, and social events.

The program will take place in three sessions over March, April, and May 2018 and is available to four artists at a time:

SESSION I: Sunday, March 11–Sunday, April 1
Erin Hayden
Hugo Crosthwaite
Jan Christopher-Berkson
Ava Grey Designs

SESSION II: Friday, April 6–Sunday, April 29
Michelle Murphy
Olea Nova
David Anthony Geary
Leonard Suryajaya

SESSION III: Friday, May 4–Sunday, May 27
Jonas Becker
Luis Sahagun
Deirdre Fox
Rodrigo Lara Zendejas
Bruce Riley

TRQPITECA is simultaneously a cultural platform, a curatorial project, and an immersive performative installation. As organizers and artists, one of our biggest challenges is that often, the focus leans either to the side of organizing, or the side of creating original artwork, depending on the project. For the past year, the majority of our time and energy has been spent more on the organizing and production side, and less focused on creating our artwork. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to focus on creating a performance that incorporates original music, movement, visual art, and installation. Our performance will be inspired by Miami’s natural and cultural environment, in conversation with Chicago’s queer, house, and techno aesthetics, and will be performed during the residency and at our festival, ICUQTS, in Chicgao. Although most of our time would be spent creating the music, installation, and wearable art for our performance, which will be livestreamed and recorded through audio and film, we would still produce an event in collaboration with Miami-based artists.