Rejecting the heteronormative and male-dominated culture of mainstream nightlife, music,​ and art spaces, two queer nonbinary and women artists create an underground paradise that serves as a ​political and cultural engine on the ​Lower West Side of Chicago – TRQPITECA

Colectivo Multipolar a.k.a. Sandra Oviedo presents:
Documenting Our Story Vol. 1 “TRQPiTECA”Virtual Screening: September 30, 2020 at 7pm Chicago, CST  (More info in the link)5-minute documentary featuring interviews with Natalie Murillo (La Spacer), Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero (CQQCHIFRUIT), Rose Hernandez, Liz Mputu, Sofia Moreno, Darling Shear, Sky Cubacub, Lee Andel Dewey and Kiam Marcelo Junio.Documenting Our Story Vol. 1 is a brief visual and audio journey full of colorful and meaningful statements about the TRQPiTECA universe.